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Touch Conact is a comfortable touch scroll phone book for Windows Mobile.
There are two ways for purchase of Touch Contact.
These way have difference for limited license and application.
Please refer to License and Purchase.


  1. All of Pocket Outlook items can be displayed and edited.
  2. It is possible to display the call history and call on the call history.
  3. It is possible to replace the standard Missed Call notification to Touch Contact.
    It can display the Recent Calls screen by tapping the Missed Call notification.
  4. It is possible to append it from 2 to 100 prefix and suffix numbers to call the phone number.
    It corresponds to the supplementary services such as international phone calls.
  5. It is possible to use it as a bookmark of a browser.
  6. It is possible to use it as an application launcher by the Launch from Customer ID item in Settings.
  7. The start is early because it is on the background.
  8. Phone can talk by tapping the phone number item.
  9. TVCall can talk by tapping the TVCall item (*1).
  10. Email can submit by tapping the Email item.
  11. SMS can submit by tapping the SMS item.
  12. MMS can submit by tapping the MMS item (*1).
  13. Windows Live Messenger can talk by tapping the IM item.
  14. Map address can search by tapping the address item (*1).
  15. Browser can connect to URL by tapping the Web item.
  16. Fax can connect by tapping the FAX item (*1).
  17. Calendar can view day appointment by tapping the date item.
  18. It is possible to make and edit and delete contact.
  19. The skins can customize.
  20. The language can customize. English, Japanese is preseted. Russian is supported.
  21. It is possible to add a company name to the group automatically.
  22. It is possible to edit group.
  23. Group Email and Group SMS can submit. The apps can change (*1).
  24. It is possible to display the Call Charges to the Recent Calls screen.
    It need to set the Call Charges Plans by user.
  25. It support multi-touch for multi-select. (New)
    It work only HTC Touch HD2.
  26. Prefix function is enhanced to Mode. (New)
    Not only the prefix number addition but also the specified association apps can switch.
  27. It support Skype. (New)
    It can manage the Skype name at from IM1 to IM3 items. It can select which IM item replace to the Skype name item. The default is Windows Live ID for messenger. It can run the specified routing speaker apps when talking or ringing.

  28. *1: It is necessary to install the apps. The apps must be able to be started by the argument.

Please refer to agreement.

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